Toenail, Corn, and Callus Services

We offer toenail, corn, and callus services to all the residents of Culver City.

There are so many issues that can affect our bodies and mostly the feet and ankles. Unfortunately, when you have foot problems, you may be limited in terms of walking or exercising. Fortunately, most of the conditions can be treated when you have the right specialist. We offer toenail, corn, and callus services to all the residents of Culver City. Get in touch and find out more about our services.

Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is one of the issues that our podiatrists will treat. When you have ingrown toenails, you should waste time with the various home remedies shared. The only way that you can be able to recover completely without frustrations is by coming to us. We have the best specialists for toenail problems. We have continued to advance our treatment processes so as to make them safe and comfortable. You will be treated by our board-certified podiatrists. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment and get started with the treatment.


Corns are some of the thickened skin growths on the feet, which are rather painful. The main cause is due to excessive pressure on your bony humps that are on the toes and feet. Athletes and people who have the wrong footwear are the main victims. However, this can also affect people with other medical conditions like diabetes. There are different types of corns that can affect you and you should allow our doctors to diagnose and treat your exact problem.

When corns are not treated in time, they will become worse and can even become infected. Thankfully, at LA Bone and Joint Institute, you will get the best treatment for all types of corn. We have treated so many patients over the years and we would be happy to provide the right solutions for you as well. Contact right away for an appointment.

Callus Services

Whenever there is friction or some form of pressure against your feet, you may end up with calluses. While this may not be a serious medical condition, when left untreated it can cause other serious complications. Ideally, calluses form as a way of the skin protecting itself from any injuries. Rubbing your feet against the footwear may also cause callus. For people with other medical conditions like diabetes, this can be a serious issue if left untreated.

Generally, calluses are usually bumpy and since there is a hard skin formed, they are not sensitive to touch. If you are a diabetic patient, you may have to deal with foot ulcers under the callus. Our podiatrists are keen to remove the tissues so as to allow healing and recovery. By choosing us, you will also be advised on the best type of footwear to use so as to avoid calluses.

Talk to an Expert

When you have foot problems, you should talk to us. We are professional podiatrists and we have a wide range of toenail, corn, and callus services to offer. Contact us to schedule an appointment.